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Which flowers go to these wedding anniversaries?

16th 17th 18th 19th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 35th 45th 55th 60th 65th 70th 75th and 56th wedding anniversary i would be grateful if any one knows of the right flower to these anniversaries thank you

Which flowers go to these wedding anniversaries?
There is no such thing. After the 15th anniversary, it starts going in 5 yr. increments, so the next would be the 20th (cutting out 16, 17, 18, 19) then it jumps to the 25th (cutting out 21, 22, 23, 24).

The 35th, 45th, 55th, 60th, 65th, 70th %26amp; 75th do not have flowers associated with them, only gems %26amp; certain colors. And the 56th isn't recognized as many of the above weren't in the first paragraph.
Reply:I've just googled "Wedding Anniversary Flowers" and the very first one at the top of the list, goes right through the flower for each year.

Have a try! Best of luck!!

I'm looking for a wedding ceremony that involves placing flowers in a wreath and saying their meaning.?

I saw a ceremony some time ago that said something about a tree and a vine having seperate root systems but functioning better together and then it went into the wreath with flowers and their meanings. Help if you can! Thanks!

I'm looking for a wedding ceremony that involves placing flowers in a wreath and saying their meaning.?
Unfortunately, I've never heard of it, but it sounds lovely and meaningful. I'd be curious to learn more about it. If you can recall where you saw it, and who had it, try contacting them to gather more information.

What flowers (or colors of flowers) would look nice at a wedding with these colors?

Options for Possible Wedding Colors:

1. Lots of different shades of Blue, White?

2. Turquoise, Aqua, Coral, White, Tan (Beach)?

3. Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White (Sunset)?

Thanks for the help!

What flowers (or colors of flowers) would look nice at a wedding with these colors?
For the 2nd and 3rd choices some flowers that would be good are geraniums,roses,Moss roses, and depending on your taste Poppies and Bachelor Buttons will work too.

For the 1st choice some flowers that would be good are roses, Delphinium,Garenia,stephanotis and depending on your taste Hydrangeas and Sweet pea will work too.
Reply:I would use roses or lillys in the colors coral and white.If you can find them.good luck
Reply:White would work with all (especially if the bride is in white/ivory).
Reply:i love lilies..they can be pink, orange, yellow, or white, like your sunset selection, there. they're so pretty, and tropical looking.
Reply:me and my wife got married next to a sewer.
Reply:carnations of any color
Reply:1. Roses

2. Orchids Remind me of the beach, and they woul look nice with the colors

3. Daisies, there are alot of paintings with at sunset with daisies

Go to and look at all of the colors you can get these in.

The flower choices are personnel to you, if you have decided on a colour theme for your wedding than go %26amp; see a florist, tell them what colours you are thinking of having %26amp; they will surguest what colours goes best %26amp; what sort of flowers look nice togeter.

But remember it depends on where your getting married %26amp; what time of the year too.
Reply:Well with the blue, pink, orange, yellow and white... gerber daisies and lillies would look really nice. I just got married 2 weeks ago, and all my flowers were gerbera daisies in the colors of red, yellow, orange, and white. All the bridesmaids dresses were apple red. The decorations looked elegant and we had so many compliments.
Reply:aqua and white it reminds me of the beach.
Reply:1. White flowers of any type would look good. Maybe with various shades of blue ribbons.

2. Some type of exotic flower. I like lilies. Mixed bouquets would look nice. I would keep the ribbons, etc. white.

3. Go with some type of "orange" flower. That would set everything off perfectly.

Good luck with your wedding and best wishes on your marriage.
Reply:calla lillies are a very elegant flower and come mostly in white but if you get them the night before your wedding and put them in water that has food coloring added to it you can make them any color you want.
Reply:I don't care for #1. As for #2, it's gorgeous with a beach setting. Even indoors you can still place floating candles with seashells and sand as centerpieces and sprinkle pretty beachy things on your tables. It's also perfect for a summer, late summer wedding. #3 sounds springy colors but yet perfect for an evening, candlelit wedding. Nice choices and congrats!
Reply:none your wedding is offffffffffffffffffff
Reply:Lots of different shades of blue then white!
Reply:white roses or lillies

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  • Flowers for wedding?

    Im wearing a blush pink dress and my bridemaids are wearing emerald green. What color for the flowers? I was thinking red roses? Or maybe purple?

    Flowers for wedding?
    Purple roses sound beautiful. I've seen them and they truly are stunning. However I would suggest purple tulips or lilies in place of roses, because your color choices sound spring-like.
    Reply:I think yellow, both bright and pale would be pretty.
    Reply:pink dresses...stick to you colors....try white flowers or pink
    Reply:Pink and green would be good!
    Reply:I like what Ready to go picked out. If your doing emrald green just go darker with the green. If you don't want alot of pink then do more green of different types of flowers that are pink.

    What Flowers should i have for a sep/oct wedding?

    I am looking for all the autumn colours

    What Flowers should i have for a sep/oct wedding?
    orange red roses would look like the autumn leaves. There are a variety of orange, red, yellow, maroon, pinks in autumn colours. Get out take a few pictures if you can of some bushes and tree's you see that take your eye. Get to the florist and say match these colours please! Nature has always managed to put autumn colours together in a beautiful way for centuries!!! The red lilies and deep red roses contrast with the brighter oranges of huge chrysanthemums and vivid red gerberas; deep burgundy red of the Safari Sunset foliage completes the palette of autumn colours.

    Some suggestions:

    Yellow and orange roses mixed with some deep red ones.

    Orange carnations, yellow sunflowers, strelitzia and soft peach coloured roses.

    Good luck!
    Reply:roses, always go for roses.... traditional, beautiful and available in the widest array of colours
    Reply:Chrysanthemums, asters, and day lillies are lovely right now. They would look beautuful for decorations.

    For bouquets, rich red or yellow roses, tiger lillies, and lovely greenery would be great.

    Ask a good florist for suggestions.
    Reply:i have just got married on sat and i used foam roses and made my own bouquet along with the bridesmaid's posy and the buttonholes. it cost me a total of £30 and they do a wide variety of colours. plus it wont spoil if you intend on keeping it.

    All the best hope this helps
    Reply:You can't go wrong with roses as a main flower. Autumnal colours ie dark red, deep apricot, yellow would be lovely with lots of trailing dark green foliage.

    Enjoy! I wish you a lifetime of good health and happiness.
    Reply:i had ivory roses, they were gorgeous
    Reply:Gerber (sp) Daisies. They come in all colors...
    Reply:If you want autumn, you would want deep reds, dark purples, orange. There's still hints of green in the trees, too. If you are in an area that is getting fall foliage, drive around and take pictures of the trees. I'm in NJ and planning an October wedding and have a great time.

    Also, check out the craft stores. I know the ones in my area just put their fall florals on sale - - I grabbed a whole bunch and put them in a vase on my desk at work as a reminder of my impending fall wedding. just added an awesome flower guide - check this out:
    Reply:orange red roses would look like the autumn leaves. There are a variety of orange, red, yellow, maroon, pinks in autumn colors.
    Reply:lilies and ivory roses or peach roses but if you have lilies take the middle bit out it will ruin your dress
    Reply:i am having and october wedding next year and i am purchasing my own flowers and arraging them myself. Big money saver. Anyway, i am going with Yellow, Red, and Orange roses. And i havent decided yet if i want white ones for me.

    See the photo they will look something like this:

    Hope this helps, and congrats, and good luck.
    Reply:White Lillie's, red roses and lots of green hanging all the way down and in between the flowers.

    Whats the best kind of flowers for a wedding?


    Whats the best kind of flowers for a wedding?
    It depends on many things.... do you want something that is 'in season'? Traditional like Calla Lily's or nontraditional like Birds of Paradise? Are you looking for hand tied bouquets where gerbera daisies are always good, or traditional nosegay's with stargazer lillies and lots of baby's breath?

    Your question is rather vague, give some details as to what you are looking for - stylewise, when the wedding is, are you asking for bouquets or centerpieces or boutonnieres?
    Reply:something that is plentiful in your area or else they will cost a fortune to bring in
    Reply:Calla lilies and orchids are so amazingly beautiful. But they're amazingly expensive too, especially for rare orchids.

    I really like dahlias as an inexpensive flower. The burgundy and magenta ones are especially lovely.
    Reply:Use your favorite flowers..

    i'm sure you have some kinds you like or perfer..

    like snap dragons?
    Reply:Tulips and Lillies are beautiful....

    but I dont think there is a spicific flower you should use. It should be a flower that you like or a flower that may have a special meaning.
    Reply:Carnations are light and free-spirited. Yet they are elegant. They work well in a fairy-tale/butterfly reception.

    For a more royal fee, incorporate Stephanotis and Calla Lilies (especially the minis).
    Reply:Calla Lilies...simple and beautiful.



    mini callas...

    Reply:Try browsing's wedding flowers guide. They show you different kinds of flowers and how they can look in bouquets. Then, once you see some flowers, bouquets you like, bookmark them. You will have to talk to your florist to see if they are in season.

    Initially, I wanted to do peonies and ranunculus flowers, but they are not in season in October. So, I am going with green zinnias, dark calla lilies, white tulips, white dahlias, and some greenery.

    We are also doing green hydrangeas, ivory roses, and a chocolate artichoke for our centerpieces.

    Good luck! It is fun searching for flowers...
    Reply:i think calla lilies are very pretty. and they can be done with just about any color theme. they also come in a variety of colors as well. im going to use white and green calla liles in my wedding next year when my husband gets back from deployment. (we got married in a courthouse and now i want a formal wedding)
    Reply:really anything that you like, some thing that smells nice. babies breath always looks nice. as my name says, black tulips are beautifull and so different from red or yellow ones. don't go for lillies or it may be orchids as they can stain clothing with their pollen and some smell very overpowering.

    go to a flower market and you will be surprised at the choice you have. good luck, happy picking and enjoy the wedding.

    My wedding is in January. I need help with flowers!!!?

    My dress is sable/taupe. I have no clue what accent color to choose and the flowers. PLEASE help. My wedding dress is white.

    BM dress:

    My wedding is in January. I need help with flowers!!!?
    Red Roses or other red flowers, would be my best suggestion.
    Reply:You need to brighten things up a bit, so go with reds, pinks, burgundies, yellows. Sorry, but the skirt of that dress looks like curtains!
    Reply:Gorgeous dress! I think light blue or "ice blue" would be pretty. Blues and browns go well together. Try white or ivory roses, periwinkle, sage.
    Reply:Useful guide for flowers, colours and seasonality at

    Hope that helps
    Reply:I can help you with wedding ideas, plans, ect. I started a wedding coordinator business after I planned my own wedding WAYYY under the budget!

    My website is:

    You can also email me at:

    I'd be glad to help!
    Reply:go to the flower place they will help you out.

    i have went my flower place and this guy did my flower was the most beautiful than finding on the websites.

    choosing loops